TFA 16.5.2020

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faster – harder – tougher


TFA timetable 2018

  The “Toughest Firefighter Alive” is back in Victory Village (Siegendorf). After one year of abstinence we will have numerous specials, harder and more spectacular themes – than ever. New highlights The TFA is based on the skillset of a very experienced firefighter. Each individual station was adapted and offers new highlights. More on team play! The modified competition is only for the hardest and only true athletes will be found on the podium. Even just finishing this event makes you one of a kind. This year’s special treat is the TFA team competition for those who are more team players than lone wolves. It is the first time that we award a crown for the best four-man-team. On site finals This year we proudly present the best view you ever had on the TFA events. Through real-time technology we provide excitement for the audience what will be a long lasting memory. The finals will be located directly in the audience arena. The competition Dealing with extreme heights or handling the most advanced firefighting technology – the TFA demands everything. Pure muscle strength, extraordinary techniques, physical endurance and mental strength are only the basics you require. For the first time you will have the element of water waiting for you what makes it even tougher.