the competition

Härtester Feuerwehrmann Österreichs


The competition

Each starter will receive a bib that he has to wear on his upper arm . Each starter has to register with the Station Manager in the station hut before the start. Each starter has to bring his own equipment. Clothing is not provided by the organizer. Not more than one assistant (beside staff and starter) is allowed to access the track. Station staff instructions are to be obeyed. The organizer provides a personal companion for each starter. The athletes are responsible to be at the start in time, the personal companion will guide them threw the competition. Between Station I and Station II the organizer will provide a shuttle service.

The TFA -Austria is divided into four stations . In Station I to III the athlete starts with landscaped SCBA (without mask) and in all stations with the legit equipment.  The athlete starts the timing of each station by pressing a signal buzzer. The athlete finishes each station again by pressing a signal buzzer. download description