Regulations ( faults)

The athlete has four minutes of time for each station. If he terminates the station not within this specified time, he must cancel the station and receives eight penalty minutes , but may compete in the next stations. Each athlete must be in time (3 min) at each station . If the athlete is not in time, he will receive eight penalty minutes but may continue to participate in the competition.

Station 1 – stair run

If the starter does not press the buzzer to trigger the interval time after eleven storeys, he gets eight penalty minutes for this station.

Station 2 – fire hose pulling

opening the B-jets nozzle outside the designated area – 10 seconds Valve not fully open in portable pump – 10 seconds Drop of the jet outside the box – 8 minutes

Station 3 – tower race

leaning the leader against the tower outside the highlighted area – 10 seconds Unclean placement of the canister – 10 seconds Not completely bolt- mouthpiece – 10 seconds Storing the ladder outside the area designated for such purposes – 10 seconds

Station 4 – wall Hammer sledge

not beaten up to the mark – 8 minutes Unclean shutdown of the canister – 10 seconds
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